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Maria Dube


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ul. Obwodowa 31A/F8
84-240 Reda
tel.: +48 058 740 54 10
fax: +48 058 740 54 11
tax number: PL 841-121-57-69
REGON: 771277167

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+48 (0) 790 519 030

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Skalar Estate Agency was formed in 1999 providing a professional service in the range of land surveying. Till this day the company is linked in the coorporation of Agriculture Real Property Agency offering geodetic services for Pomorskie Province (North Poland). Simoltaneously providing services to the public. By broadly understanding real property ownership, we activated the next sectors widening our services of the company in answearing the demand of the market.

The range of company services:

Real Estate:

  1. Broking and advising of real estate conveyance: selling, buying, exchanging (Lech Marczuk licence no. 4892)
  2. Valuation of a property (in coorporation with property valuers from wejherowski district)

We sign with clients two kinds of agreements: "Open" and "Exclusive". The cliants decide which one is most satisfactory to their needs. The "Exclusive" offer does not block the client an independent selling of the property, it does in other way block the possibility of signing other agreements with broking offices. In exchange we guarantee broadly advertising in our all availiable media and individual treating our clients. The "Open" offer enables clients to sign many agreements, but does not guarantee the quick sale of property. It places clients in a weaker position for instance clients are cared for by few offices, but none of them treats them individually.

Geodesy/Land Surveying:

Service is provided on area of Poland taking consideration of Polish law.

  1. Engineering and inventory field surveying.
  2. Division and delimitation of a real estate.
  3. Geodetic projects operation.
  4. Legal mapping of projects.
  5. Topographical surveys.
  6. Digital mapping.

Credit Broking:

Service is availiable for people who want to get a credit in Polish bank to buy a property (subject to Polish citizenship).

Sale of ready single-family house projects (plans)

We have the offer of 10 design offices. However some of the offices agreed to sell their projects only on the soil of Poland.

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